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About Us

About Wintershoek

The perfect, unforgettable safari experience

Wintershoek Safaris knows what it takes to create the perfect, unforgettable safari experience, and strives to provide the best service in all aspects of your safari. The proof is our flawless reputation and many years of service excellence.

Wintershoek Safaris owns more than 246 000 acres in four spectacular areas in the Northern Cape. In addition, Wintershoek Safaris has access to some of the best Big Game and Plains Game Hunting areas in the rest of Southern Africa. We also specialise in tailor-made Photographic Safaris throughout Southern Africa.

The diverse hunting terrain you will encounter in our areas, as well as the fantastic hunting experience, will leave you breathless and in awe, and longing to return. An incredible adventure in every sense! You will arrive as a client and you will leave as a friend, with memories that will be treasured forever!

Code of Hunting Ethics

We love hunting responsibly

  • Safety comes first. Always
  • We respect our environment, especially all animals
  • We love hunting and we understand the responsibility of ethical hunting
  • We do not glorify ourselves above the animal kingdom
  • We use all hunted animals’ products responsibly
  • We hunt in expansive areas
  • We only use experienced professionals to accompany our clients on well-organised hunts
  • We love the experience offered by fair and responsible hunting, especially in Africa
  • We encourage all our clients to endorse our hunting code

Wintershoek History

We’re here to stay | Since 1982

In 2001, Wiaan van der Linde became involved with Wintershoek Investments, which was at the time one of the main hunting concessions of the legendary Johnny Vivier Safaris in South Africa.

With Johnny Vivier Safaris being established in 1982 and Wiaan’s hunting experience up to then, the combined knowledge between the two would prove to be a perfect recipe.

This was the start of a lifelong friendship and business relationship between Wintershoek Safaris and Johnny Vivier Safaris.

At the end of 2006, Wiaan bought Johnny Vivier Safaris, and we are lucky enough to have Johnny still very much involved in the business as Marketer and Professional Hunter.

In 2009, Wiaan founded a Taxidermy Studio, called African San Taxidermy. Wintershoek Safaris happened to be their first client, although today, African San Taxidermy expertly looks after many a client’s valuable trophies.

In 2010 another landowner in the Northern Cape, Hennie Gous, decided to join forces with Wintershoek Safaris and African San Taxidermy.

Today Wintershoek Safaris is one of the best and most experienced Outfitters in Southern Africa and own 4 of the largest and best hunting/conservation areas in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa which spans over 246 000 acres of pristine hunting/conservation land. In addition to these areas, Wintershoek Safaris also offer our clients access to some of the very best hunting areas in the rest of Africa which includes countries like Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Mozambique and Tanzania.

The sizes and quality of our hunting areas, the experience and dedication of our Professional Hunters and Staff, and our flawless reputation Since 1982, makes Wintershoek Safaris a leader in the industry.

Wintershoek Safaris strongly believe in Conservation through utilisation, and we pride ourselves in everything that we do!

“One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning” – James Russel Lowell


Wiaan van der Linde


Johnny Viviers Safari Club International award – International Professional Hunter of the year 2019


Wiaan van der Linde and Hennie Gous

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We are proud to be affiliated with these groups

We have hunted in South Africa six times over the past 20 years and have never hunted on a better run property. Both Thuru and Linksfontein are huge properties with large amounts of game. The variety of the terrain is impressive as is the quality of animals. My husband is a bow hunter and has had great success stalking and in the bow blinds. I am a rifle hunter and have also been successful in stalking. Wintershoek’s PH’s and trackers are some of the best we have had the opportunity to hunt with. Meals are wonderfully prepared at both properties and frequently prepared for the hunter’s tastes. I can honestly say that we have had NO problems during our hunting trips with Wintershoek. Our trophies have been well cared for following our departure and transported promptly to our exporter in Johannesburg with the necessary paperwork for exporting. We have found the team at Wintershoek to be very prompt in email questions prior to and after the hunt.

By Cyndy Boyce, President – Lake Superior Chapter, Safari Club International