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The Grysbuck

The Cape or southern grysbok is a small antelope that is endemic to the Western Cape region of South Africa between Albany and the Cederberg mountains.

It has a rough, reddish sandy coat flecked in white. The head, neck and legs are less flecked and somewhat yellowish, while the inside of the ears, eye-rings, mouth area, throat and underside are white. There is a black “bridge” to the nose and a dark scent gland in front of the eye. It stands only 21″ (45–55 cm) at the shoulder and weighs slightly more than 20 pounds (8–12 kg). The short tail of the Cape grysbok measures 4 to 8 cm and is almost invisible. Males have short, sharp and straight horns about 8 cm long, which are smooth. The Cape grysbok can fluff out the fur at its rear end to make itself look bigger.


The Cape grysbok is probably territorial as sightings are mostly of individual animals. It is a browser. It can apparently go without drinking water for long periods, gaining most of its requirements from its food.

It is primarily nocturnal, though it may be seen during early morning and late evening during the southern winter. Like Sharpe’s grysbok they use a communal latrine and mark plants in its vicinity with secretions from their pre-orbital glands.It defends itself by jumping forward toward its target then running away.